The differences between the products, the pure taste of each one of them, the benefits of a packaging that preserves their excellent properties… All of these are reasons enough to design these special packs in which we select the best of our produce.

A feast for the senses. The ideal way to do a tour of all the Arturo Sánchez flavours.

A present that marks the difference.

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  • Quality: 50% iberico clear
Arturo Sánchez Free-Range 50% iberico Jamon box
We are also different in this Iberico category because we know how to wait. These pigs, are born and raised freely in the dehesas feeding since the start with acorns, and in this case also with cereals. Our Iberian “cebo de campo” free-range pigs reach 14 months of age instead of the industry average of 10 months. These extra months allow further properties and characteristics to develop differently such as its aroma, flavor and appearance.  Premium box with 20 blisters of 80 g Minimum 30 months natural curing process Free-range 50% Ibérico certified Free-range Ibérico pigs fed on acorns and cereals
Arturo Sánchez Free-Range 50% iberico Paleta box
Made from our 14 months old Iberian "de cebo de campo" pigs. It has the perfect point of salt and a natural drying process that leads to distinctive properties easily perceived in its appearance, aroma and taste. Premium box with 20 blisters of 80 g Minimum of 24 months curing process Free-Range 50% iberico certified Free-range iberico pigs fed on acorns and cereals